Art is the unspoken language that connects us to the mystery and energy of life. These are the quiet feelings we all carry with us and when sparked, they reveal a whole new world that reminds us of the excitement of being alive.
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This site is intended to be private along with most of its content, so thank you for finding us and welcome. If you are reading this you must have received a card personally from the artist, JoeJ or have been referred to by someone who has worked with the artist in the past.
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JoeJ is interested in painting people that have a particular look and energy. He believes that not everyone poses these unique qualities he is looking for, so if you have received a card youíve already peaked the artistís curiosity.

JoeJ is versatile in many styles to include photorealism, surrealism, abstract and modern art. He determines the style and medium based on the subject he is painting and the client's needs. One of JoeJís interests is in a style he calls 'Surrealistic Portraiture'; a mix of photorealism with a combination of surrealism and symbolism. This style incorporates unique objects throughout the work that tells a story of the person he is painting.

One of the JoeJís favorite quotes is from Joseph Campbell, a professor and scholar of mythology who stated, ďThe function of art is to reveal the radiance through the created object. When you see the beautiful organization of a fortunately composed work of art, you just say, "Aha!" Somehow it speaks to the order in your own lifeÖĒ

The purpose is simply just as Campbell stated. The artist wants to reveal the beauty and mystery of the subject he is painting. This is not about vanity; itís the study of the selected subject through the medium of art.

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The first step in the process is to schedule an introduction meeting by contacting the artistís rep.

The first meeting JoeJ will discuss the process in detail and answer any questions you have. He also wants to learn as much about you as possible.

After the first meeting you will receive a formal letter detailing the idea, size and medium of your painting. You will also get a number of packages throughout the creation of your portrait. These sometime include artistís notes, sketches and other items the artist wants to share with you.

A final cost is also detailed with upfront payment and an estimated completion date based on the complexity of the art piece.

Upon agreement, the artist's rep will schedule a series of follow-up meetings (working around your schedule) and a final reveal meeting to view the finished piece. This reveal can be a private showing or a gathering coordinated by the artistís rep.

To schedule your first appointment, please email the artist's rep by clicking Here.

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